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Kelley Material Handling Equipment India Pvt. Ltd.

Innovation. Durability. Superior Engineering. Quality. They’ve been a part of Kelley since 1953 when we invented the world’s first counterbalanced dock leveller and created an entire industry.  Since then, Kelley innovation has become the worldwide industry standard in dock equipment, boasting more than 150 patents and seven state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across the globe

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Kelley HVLS fans produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, consistently circulating air in large spaces. The 2-3 mph breeze delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degree reduction in the perceived temperature, keeping employees cool and comfortable. Balanced air circulation reduces stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and condensation, keeping food and produce dry and fresh and reducing spoilage.

These advantages come with reduced energy consumption, as well. By having big fans working with the HVAC system to better regulate temperature from floor to ceiling, a facility can raise the thermostat setting by 3-5 degrees, creating the potential for up to 4% energy savings per degree change. And integrating your Kelley industrial fans with iFAN® software allows for central monitoring of fan activity for optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Seals & Shelters

Keep your loading dock safe, dry and energy efficient with Kelley dock seals and dock shelters. Servicing a wide variety of trailer sizes and types, Kelley dock seals and shelters have featured industry-leading innovation for years.


Kelley products feature ultra-durable TufSteel®; framing for years of reliable performance. From durable compression-style seals to unique dock shelter solutions, the Kelley line offers a range of products that provide maximum durability and efficiency for a variety of dock applications.



Keep vehicles in place and people out of harm's way with dependable trailer restraint systems.

Prevent dock accidents resulting from premature vehicle departure, vehicle creep (dock walk) and vehicle landing gear collapse by incorporating a trailer restraint system. Serco SL Series vehicle restraints are at the forefront of technology to provide design simplicity, the fewest moving parts, minimal maintenance and easy operation.

Industrial Sectional Doors

Impactable Sectional Dock Doors

Specially created to prevent recurring damage to loading dock doors, which can cost an operation thousands of dollars in operational downtime as well as energy loss per dock position. Impactable dock doors simply provide a lower lifetime cost of ownership than traditional dock doors.


Sectional Overhead Doors

A complete line of doors including sectional, rolling sheet, rolling steel, and aluminium full-view doors and entrance systems to meet your specific design and functional needs

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