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Chicago Pneumatic, also known as "CP", is an industrial manufacturer providing power tools, air compressors, generators, light towers and hydraulic equipment. Products are sold in more than 150 countries through a worldwide distribution network. CP is active on markets such as tools for industrial production, vehicle service, maintenance repair operation for mining, construction, infrastructure equipment

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Portable diesel air compressors

Discover our diesel-driven portable compressor range

We have one simple goal….to give you the best equipment fit for your application. Our mobile diesel air compressor range has robust, hardworking machines which make tough jobs easy. Whether paired with jackhammers for rock drilling or excavator mounted for coal overburden drilling or truck mounted for water well drilling applications, our compressors are built to provide solutions, when and where you need them

Electric portable air compressors

Explore our electric portable air compressor range
With an airflow from 300 to 600 cfm and a pressure range from 100 to 185 psi, our electric portable compressors are powered with 45kw to 110kw TEFC electric motors to get the job done. With an ideal motor and element combination, our electric compressor range ensures toughness, coupled with superior portability and efficiency.


Rugged undercarriage makes it easy to manoeuvre equipment in tough terrains


Better safety is ensured with plug and play socket with an emergency switch

Lower emissions
Lower carbon dioxide emissions contribute to a better environmental footprint


Handheld petrol equipment


Whether you need to cut, break, drill, drive, compact or even tamp railroad ties, we have a CP drill or breaker with the right power for the job.



No external power source is required, so you can get in and start working quickly.


Usable everywhere

It’s the ideal answer for areas with limited access for larger equipment or jobs that require moving from task to task frequently.

Complete On-site LED Light Tower

CPLT V15 LED light tower ensures the right light based on the site and space that needs to be illuminated.

Robust and durable LED light towers facts: Approx. 1400 W of power to illuminate an area of upto 5000 sqm. Expected lifetime of the LED lamp is more than 30,000 working hours. Reduced fuel consumption and extended running hours.

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Handheld hydraulic equipment


With our handheld pneumatic equipment, you get reliable, high-performing and cost-efficient solutions to your equipment needs.


Easy handling

Turn the tool on and it feels like an extension of your arms, letting you focus on the job and not the tool.



The power flows. The toughness is clear. It’s performance in the palm of your hand.

Handheld hydraulic equipment


If you travel to a new site every day, do the job in hours and move on, you need the versatility of handheld hydraulic tools



From hammers and breakers to cut-off saws and water pumps, the complete range is built to save time and effort



They´re ideal for applications such as building renovation, highway maintenance and utility work - any situation where portability and flexibility are a must



These portable tools can be used anywhere, in any weather conditions, independent of electric or pneumatic supply


Cost efficient

Power packs are an affordable alternative to larger compressors, helping you minimize your budget in smaller construction and rental applications

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High Performance Waterwell drilling compressors
CPS 1200 - 330
Construction Hand Held Tools. On Site Portable Energy Solutions CPS 400
Portable Diesel Compressors
CPS 325. Durability Performance Fuel Efficient
Electric Portable 
Compressor Range

Reliable performance, low maintenance. Experience the Power of Red
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